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We are located in Glendora and Pasadena. We also offer in-home and school therapy.

Who we are

We are a group of mental health professionals that thrive to help individuals, families, children and couples improve their emotional lives.

Casabella Therapy Clinic Glendora & Pasadena, CA

Anxiety and Depression help in Glendora and Pasadena. Gisela Casabella MA, LMFT # 46970.

Casabella Therapy Clinic

We provide Spanish-English services, covering depression help to individuals, depression in teens, depression and anxiety combined in marriage problems. Counseling couples relationships in Glendora.

The owner of the Clinic, Gisela's approach is warm, empathetic, and understanding. She utilizes a combination of theories and tools to make the experience helpful and allow personal growth with therapy. Call to find counseling help in Glendora and Pasadena.

Depression Help

How we can help

We provide psychological therapy for conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, anger, divorce, parenting, and more.

Our Offices
Who we are
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